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The LN - Legal Network® relies on four fundamental values

Client-Oriented Service

The relationship we have with our clients is pre-eminent. We consistently strive to understand needs and exceed expectations, as well as to be steadfast in defending the client’s interests.

Professional Ethics

All of our firm’s activities are conducted on the basis of strict principles of professional ethics. This respect for professional ethics safeguards our relentless defence of our clients’ rights and interests.

Quality and Promptness

The firm is recognised for the quality of

the legal services we provide, by excelling in everything we do, demanding and achieving the best from ourselves, adding value to our clients; improving our standards at every opportunity, giving promptness response to our clients, having professional rigour of our teams,

as well as presenting innovating solutions.

Global Service

Our firm offers a specialised service in all branches of the law, and ourorganisational structure facilitates the creation of

cross-practice teams.


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